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In the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, a wave of courageous women are breaking boundaries and making their mark. Women worldwide have been surging forward in the realm of new business; a whopping 163 million were either initiating or running new businesses in 2016 alone, and the numbers have been on an upward trend since then. With a 6% increase in female to male entrepreneurs reported last year by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, we delve into the experiences of two accomplished female entrepreneurs to bring forth valuable insights and inspirational lessons.

A Lesson in Breaking the Norms

Dr. Abosede “GB” Ajayi, a sports physician and emergency medicine consultant, ventured into the entrepreneurial world by co-founding A2Z Elite Health & Performance, leveraging her medical expertise and passion for sports. Ajayi emphasizes the importance of deviating from traditional career paths if fueled by passion and determination. She advises prospective entrepreneurs to avoid fear of failure and focus on the process as much as the results, fostering a more gratifying journey.

Similarly, Debra Ward, who initiated her entrepreneurial journey with a hot dog stand at 16, believes in the power of diversification. She stresses that you don’t necessarily need to create your own business to make an impact; if your current role lacks power or influence, it’s time to explore new career horizons.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Perseverance

Both Ajayi and Ward agree that overcoming fear is paramount for budding entrepreneurs. Taking calculated risks, finding rewards in the process, and continually pushing toward your goal can turn fear into a driving force.

The Power of Continuous Learning and Seeking Support

According to both entrepreneurs, there’s no need to know everything before accepting a challenge. Instead, dream big, be open to learning on the job, and upgrade your skills as necessary. They also emphasize the significance of building a support network. Delegating tasks that fall outside your skillset and trusting your team can promote business growth.

Empowering Others and Cultivating Leadership

Ajayi and Ward are strong proponents of mentoring and empowering others. They believe in creating workplace cultures that encourage individuals to take lead roles and promote a sense of shared leadership.

Fostering Self-belief and Overcoming Self-doubt

Lastly, both entrepreneurs concur that self-belief can be a significant stepping stone toward success. Overcoming self-doubt by understanding your skills and continually seeking out new challenges can pave the way for growth and self-confidence.

These entrepreneurial insights provide a roadmap to the aspiring female entrepreneurs of today, shedding light on the nuances of initiating and running a successful venture. The stories of these women exemplify the courage, resilience, and innovative thinking required to thrive in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. As we celebrate these trailblazers, let’s also take a moment to acknowledge that their journeys have just begun. As more women step into the entrepreneurial arena, we can expect a promising future shaped by their unique perspectives and determination.

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