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Especially for entrepreneurs or small business owners, separating and balancing your personal and business life is a constant challenge. In our digital age, this juggling act can prove even more difficult to manage on social media. Here, we will discuss how best to balance your personal and business social media accounts, giving you a clear professional message and a greater sense of freedom.


Social Media for Business Growth 

Following the example of some of the most successful and entrepreneurial minds, such as Elon Musk, social media platforms can be a powerful tool for business when used correctly.

Presenting yourself on social media in a relatable and authentic way can be incredibly beneficial for your brand or business. But just because you are using your social media platform of choice to promote your business, it is best not to come off as a salesperson. Provide content that educates and is designed for your followers to benefit from. According to a report by CNBC, the three platforms for businesses to focus on are Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

As a business owner, your goal when using social media is to reach your target demographic. Additionally, it is to maintain a consistent brand image and message. Your key demographic is not necessarily your friends from school or your cousins and neighbors. So, keeping an account to socialize with them separately just makes sense.


Keeping Personal Life Personal 

What you post online will follow you no matter where you go. So, either keeping your personal life and social media accounts private or at least controlled is important to maintain a professional image. There is a fine line between relatable and unprofessional or, even worse, unhireable.

Unfortunately, scammers are always looking for opportunities to access private data. So, whether you are a big social media user, it is always good to have a high level of online security. This ExpressVPN article highlights some reasons to keep your personal posts private, including issues with stalking or cyberbullying. Unfortunately, it can be detrimental when there is no clear line between personal and private. Thankfully, there are helpful tools now that anyone can use to increase security when using social media.

The NY Times outlines some simple online security steps for your social media accounts. Some other tips include not linking a private social media account to your public or business one. Additionally, ask others not to tag you in posts.

Take some time to review the privacy setting of each of your social media accounts, both personal and private. This makes sure you are not vulnerable.

Social media, without a doubt, has many benefits for business promotion and connecting with customers. When it comes to our personal lives, although social media still has many benefits, there is much to be said about keeping it private. It may take some thought and effort to separate your two social media lives, but it is worth it.

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