Buffalo Bills’ Pursuit of Super ‌Bowl Glory: A Look at Josh Allen’s Role

The Buffalo Bills, despite their consistent ​performance, are yet to clinch the coveted Super Bowl title.⁢ However, head​ coach Sean McDermott insists that the lack of postseason ‍success should not be‍ the sole criterion⁣ for judging star quarterback Josh Allen.

McDermott’s Take on Success

“When you talk about the Bills, whether​ it’s Josh, myself, our team, we’ve had so much success,” McDermott stated ⁣during the annual league⁣ meetings on Sunday. He was responding ⁢to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero. “What’s ‍left for Josh and for all of us is to take that one​ more step that we need to take. To say we haven’t had success or ​Josh hasn’t ‌had ⁢success,⁢ I think would⁢ be kind of narrow-minded.”

Buffalo Bills’ Playoff Record

The Bills ‌have a commendable record of five straight⁣ playoff appearances‍ and four consecutive AFC East ‍titles. However, they have only made it to one AFC Championship Game in ⁢2021 and have​ been⁢ eliminated⁤ in the Divisional Round in ‍the last three years.

Despite facing criticism ⁣for his postseason performance, Allen has the full backing of McDermott and the team. “It’s⁤ hard to‌ win in the NFL, so you kind of regroup every year, and you take it one game ​at a time,” McDermott said. “But we’re⁣ all looking ⁤for⁣ Josh to ‌really be⁢ that face ⁢of the franchise, like he’s ​been, and continuing to⁤ evolve, like he’s always ⁢done.”