Artificial Intelligence is no longer limited to tech giants or research labs; it has found its way into a myriad of industries. In this listicle, we feature three entrepreneurs who are leveraging AI to enhance their operations and drive innovation. Whether it’s expediting photo editing, redefining jewelry design, or automating B2B sales, these stories offer a lens into the transformative power of AI.

Robin Dimond: Utilizing Augmented Reality for Immersive Brand Experiences

Robin Dimond, Fifth & Cor CEO.
Robin Dimond, Fifth & Cor CEO.

Robin Dimond is the CEO and Founder of Fifth & Cor, a marketing & innovation company. She brings over 18 years of marketing experience and has a passion for creating sensory experiences.

Fifth & Cor leverages augmented reality to enhance the customer journey in the sales and marketing sectors. This technology overlays digital content onto real-life environments, creating engaging and interactive brand experiences.

Augmented Reality can serve as a powerful tool in marketing, allowing businesses to provide value-added experiences to their customers, thereby reducing the buying cycle and increasing brand affinity.

Alicia Caputo: Pioneering AI-Enabled Augmented Reality Training Systems

Alicia Caputo, Cofounder and CEO, Avrio Analytics.
Alicia Caputo, Cofounder and CEO, Avrio Analytics.

Alicia Caputo is the co-founder and CEO of Avrio Analytics, a company that specializes in providing AI-enabled, Augmented Reality (AR) training systems. She has a robust background in sales and business development in data-centric industries.

Avrio Analytics focuses on high-risk, low-frequency scenarios like active shooter situations, emergency management, and hazardous material containment. The company’s patented AI assesses the cognitive state of participants in real-time, dynamically adjusting the complexity of training simulations for optimal learning outcomes.

The integration of AI and AR can dramatically transform the effectiveness of training programs, as evidenced by Avrio Analytics’ collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines’ Campus Police. The technology facilitated quicker and more effective learning outcomes.

Khay Oberon: AI in Bespoke Jewelry Design

Khay Oberon, Jewelry Designer & Goldsmith.
Khay Oberon, Jewelry Designer & Goldsmith, founder of Gem Sanctum

Khay Oberon is the founder and CEO of Gem Sanctum. With 14 years of experience, her expertise blends formal training with hands-on apprenticeships, and her innovations in CAD/CAM technology have set new benchmarks in the field.

Khay utilizes image generation AI platforms to streamline the jewelry design process. By employing AI, she saves significant time on CAD design revisions, particularly when clients have difficulty articulating specific design ideas.

AI can serve as a powerful tool in creative industries like jewelry design, offering a range of possibilities that can be rapidly tested and adjusted, ultimately saving time and resources.

Aima Irfan: Integrating AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity

Aima Irfan, Editor in Chief at InsideTechWorld.
Aima Irfan, Editor in Chief at InsideTechWorld.

Aima Irfan is the Editor in Chief at InsideTechWorld. She utilizes a variety of AI tools in her tech stack to improve daily operations across multiple departments within her company.

From employing generative AI like ChatGPT for content creation to utilizing for talent acquisition, Irfan’s business operations are streamlined through intelligent automation. These AI tools have significantly increased productivity within her teams.

AI can be a versatile asset across various functions of a business. From marketing to HR, the right AI tools can boost efficiency and reduce the time required for labor-intensive tasks.

Liz Giorgi: AI in Virtual Photoshoots

Liz Giorgi, Cofounder and CEO, soona.
Liz Giorgi, Cofounder and CEO, soona.

Liz Giorgi is the co-founder and CEO of soona, a virtual photoshoot platform specializing in e-commerce. She is an Emmy Award winner and a second-time founder who sold her first company in 2019.

Soona uses AI to optimize their photo editing process, reducing the turnaround time from 24 hours to instant delivery. This efficiency not only accelerates the delivery timeline but also improves the company’s gross margin.

By integrating AI into their workflow, soona has revolutionized the way e-commerce content is created, benefiting both their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Megan Hall: AI in B2B Sales

Megan Hall, CEO and Founder of Segment X.
Megan Hall, CEO and Founder of Segment X.

Megan Hall is a visionary marketer and the founder of Segment X. With an Executive MBA and 15 years of experience, she specializes in leveraging AI for content creation and sales strategies.

Segment X has developed smart AI sales assistants that understand and personalize business outreach. Their AI analyzes job postings, crafts tailored resumes, and autonomously reaches out to potential clients, making B2B sales more efficient and impactful.

By implementing AI that understands the unique needs of each business, Segment X has set a new standard in personalized, efficient B2B sales.

The journeys of these entrepreneurs underscore the evolving role of AI across industries. Whether it’s streamlining workflows or breaking creative boundaries, the applications are as diverse as they are impactful. As technology continues to advance, the only limit to AI’s potential is our imagination.