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Do you have a dream that has been on the back burner for a while? Can you relate to being frustrated by investing time and energy into something that never seems to yield results? Would you consider giving up at this point? As those who are in resonance with that philosophy know, they are not living; they exist. Sadly, you are not taking advantage of the chance to witness life to the fullest extent possible. However, there’s a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. 

Special thanks to Olena Mytruk, a woman with a passion for technology and the development of an app called Breverie. The brand was launched in 2022. This app is the result of Olena’s wish ten years ago.

Breverie’s capabilities

Breverie offers the ability to track feelings and emotions daily, track your habits and routines, keep track of your progress on a calendar, and set and track weekly objectives.

Its commitment to helping users progress toward the goals they have set for themselves is reflected in every milestone that is recognized through the platform. Using this information, a thoughtful application has been created to help motivated women achieve the positive impact they were destined to make. Believe it or not, every achievement, even the smallest one, is worth celebration and pride.

Olena Mytruk at Rice University
Photo credit: Olena Mytruk, Founder of Breverie, with permission

Slowly but surely

Mytruk believes that all that matters is making an effort. To attain success, it is okay to make baby steps. It is much better to make a few steps than none at all. “Small actions today will bring you big results tomorrow,” said Olena.

“And those results will exceed your wildest expectations. And the truth is, the only thing you really need to do today is take the first step. And the path will unfold in front of you.”


Researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation have determined that smoking, poor diet, and inactivity are the leading causes of death. 

As of 2013, smoking was the leading cause of death among Americans. There were 443,824 deaths associated with it.

In 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic led to a wide range of unhealthy habits among the general public, as country-wide and state-wide lockdowns prevented us from leaving our homes until further notice. ValuePenguin conducted a survey that revealed 30% of respondents spent too much time focusing on a screen, such as their cellphones, televisions, and computers. A further 22% of respondents developed poor eating habits. 


As a result, Breverie has established a value that combats this tragedy: “Your Breakthrough Is a Choice.” This toolkit comprises self-realization, honesty, and accountability, enabling anyone to make positive life changes.

One may not be aware of their bad habits. However, Breverie’s toolkit can provide an in-depth look at those facing difficulties, enabling one to see their wrongdoing from multiple angles.


The founder of Breverie earned a Master’s degree in computer science and applied mathematics. As a single mother, Olena made a significant adjustment to her life in 2017 when she moved to Los Angeles with her five-year-old daughter. While working for a global technology company, she was offered a transfer, and she decided to leap, starting a series of intentional changes in her life.

Message of meaning

In Olena’s opinion, following your desires is the most effective way forward in your life. Moreover, she acknowledges that other factors besides the destination determine your growth and development.

“The real magic lies in the journey, not the destination. It is in the journey and in the process of pursuing your goals that you uncover who you truly are.”

Utilize all the resources at your disposal. Breverie’s mission is to facilitate the journey of self-discovery, growth, accountability, and support for women. This will enable them to reach their full potential and own their power. If you are trying to break bad habits, achieve new goals, or become a better version of yourself, this app may be of assistance to you.

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