Duke ‌Upsets Ohio State ​in NCAA Women’s​ Basketball Tournament

In a surprising turn of events,‌ a major contender in the‌ NCAA⁢ Division ‍I Women’s ⁢Basketball Tournament fell in ⁣the second round. Ohio State, a‌ No. 2 seed, was defeated by seventh-seeded Duke 75-63, ending a Buckeyes season that​ had high expectations.

NCAA Game Highlights

Ohio State⁤ led ‌at halftime, but a second-half surge from the Blue Devils led to the ​upset⁣ victory. Reigan⁢ Richardson led the⁤ charge for Duke, scoring 28 points with⁣ seven rebounds. Ashlon Jackson chipped in 13 points, four rebounds ⁢and three assists and Taina Mair had 11 points, three rebounds and four ⁤assists.

Duke​ advances to the Sweet 16, where it will face ​either UConn or Syracuse. This is the‍ farthest the program has gone since 2017-18. The Blue Devils have not ⁤advanced past the Sweet 16 ​since 2012-13.

End of the Road for ‌the⁤ Buckeyes

The Buckeyes season ⁢comes to ⁢an end at 26-6. ⁤Cotie McMahon had 27 points and five rebounds, while Jacy Sheldon had 13 points with four‌ assists‌ and three rebounds. Ohio State looked like a ⁣team that was a true contender, as it ⁢boasted wins over Iowa and⁣ Indiana. Fans⁣ took to social ⁢media to express shock at the⁤ result and congratulate the Buckeyes on a ​great season.

This is the lowest finish ⁣the Buckeyes ⁤have had in the NCAA tournament​ since ‌2017-18.