Duties and Responsibilities of a Commercial Property Manager

If you’re looking to hire a commercial property manager, you should know which duties and responsibilities fall to them. Failing to know this could put your tenants and employees in danger and land you on the wrong side of the law. 

Then, to make sure you can find a commercial property manager who’s reliable and meets the needs of your company, here’s a list of the top responsibilities that your commercial property manager needs to keep an eye on every day of the week to ensure that you and your tenants are happy and can carry out work without any barriers. 

  • Fire Risk Assessment 

The possibility of fire is one of the greatest hazards that commercial properties face, and there can be many causes for this, such as faulty electrics. However, while the danger of fire is always present, especially in warehouses and factories with large equipment which might not always be manned, commercial property managers can reduce this by staying proactive and carrying out a fire risk assessment. 

A fire risk assessment can ensure that any hazards and issues are quickly isolated and brought to your attention so they can be sorted immediately. This can stop fires from developing unnecessarily and will ensure that you can stay aware of any problems in the properties that you’re managing. Carrying out a fire risk assessment can also allow you to sleep well at night without worrying about what’s happening in your warehouse or factory. 

This means that one of the first steps that you should take as a business owner is to find a commercial property manager who knows how to carry out a fire risk assessment that’s completely comprehensive. 

  • Maintaining Properties 

With multiple people working in a factory or office each day, problems will likely develop, even just through simple wear and tear. To ensure that minor issues don’t worsen and snowball into larger ones, your commercial property manager should regularly inspect the properties in question for any faults or repairs that need to be carried out. They should also take notice of and reply quickly to you if contact them with a problem that you’ve discovered. 

This will mean that you can get back to your usual working life as soon as possible. Once they’ve found a fault, they should look around for reliable contractors with availability who will conduct the repairs to a high standard without ripping your company off. This will prevent the issue from returning in the future. 

  • Collecting Rent 

Collecting rent can be stressful for landlords and business owners, and this is why they might decide to hire a commercial property manager to do this for them. This can be even more stressful if tenants pay late or are reluctant to pay up. 

However, property managers need to make sure that their tenants pay on time in between the stresses of their working lives. They’ll also need to keep track of any payments that are made to them and keep a record that can be easily accessed when needed. They’ll need to have great communication skills at all times to deal with those people are ignoring payment requests and ensure that they can get them to pay even when they’re trying to avoid this. 

  • Communicating With the Landlord

Commercial property manager are messengers and an unbiased third party between the landlord and the tenant, and this means that they need to be able to communicate effectively with you. This is especially the case since most landlords and business owners hire commercial property managers to take some of the stress off their shoulders. 

By communicating well with you, they’ll easily be able to sort out any issues and give you updates about the properties in your care. They’ll be able to carry out your wishes and get all the information they need from you to run your property effectively. They might even be able to give you advice that can allow you to become the landlord or business owner that you’ve always wanted to be. 

Then, if you own a business property, it’s vital that you know the duties and responsibilities of a commercial property manager so you can work out if you need one and hire one accordingly. This will ensure that your property is always on the right side of the law and will mean that it’s constantly in the good condition that it needs to be to keep employees happy and safe.