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The Jerusalem Post together with Women Entrepreneurship has announced the winner of their first Next-Gen Women Entrepreneurship Summit. Three startups founded by women were given the chance to participate in the event that took place on July 26th in Tel Aviv. Each entrepreneur had a total of three minutes to talk about her company, after which the judges made their decision. 

For the occasion, Esther Luzzatto, CEO of the Luzzatto Group, Michal Ziso, CEO of ZISO, and Professor Rivka Carmi, former head of Ben-Gurion University, was invited to choose who among the participants deserved the victory. 

Next-Gen summit winner 

The judges decided to proclaim the winner. is a SleepTech company that developed a wireless phone charger able to block 95% of electromagnetic radiation from your phone. Electromagnetic radiations negatively impact our sleep cycles by interfering with the alpha frequency waves. 

Co-founder Or Harel said, “Our novelty is that we have taken the phone, which has a negative impact on our sleep, and harnessed it as a partner.” Or Harel received a commemorative plaque and the chance to be featured in an article in the Jerusalem Post and the daily newspaper Maariv.

Other participants

Other two companies took part in the Next-Tech summit, Feminai and Tweaks. The former provides efficient ways to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage, while the latter is a platform helping builders navigate home customization through 3-D models.

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