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In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, crisis is an inevitable chapter in the journey of growth. The resilience and tenacity displayed during these critical moments define the mettle of an entrepreneur. Today, we delve into the stories of female entrepreneurs who navigated through tumultuous periods to emerge stronger and wiser.

Felicity Nicole: Turning Trauma into Power

Felicity Nicole, Entrepreneur and Author. Photo used with permission.
Felicity Nicole, Entrepreneur and Author.

Felicity Nicole is an entrepreneur, author, and the founder of She is You, a company devoted to helping women transform their trauma into power. Felicity’s mission extends beyond her business as she passionately advocates for overcoming pain and using it as a springboard towards personal and professional success.

Crisis: A serious, undiagnosed health issue tested Felicity’s strength, resilience, and commitment to her business. With her team relying on her, Felicity chose to work through her illness, even conducting Zoom meetings from the ER, a testament to her unwavering determination.

Lesson: Felicity believes that setbacks and obstacles should be viewed as learning experiences. Entrepreneurs should approach these challenges with the mindset that they can provide valuable insights and opportunities for growth.

Book: Pieces of Me
Instagram: @felicity_nicole_
TikTok: @midlifehealingjourney

Jaclyn Gallo: Embracing Failures as Steps Towards Success

Jaclyn Gallo, Founder of Spark Your Light Studios. Photo used with Permission.
Jaclyn Gallo, Founder of Spark Your Light Studios.

Jaclyn Gallo is a speaker, writer, life coach, and the founder of Spark Your Light Studios. She’s known for her motivational work, empowering people to ignite their inner light and create fulfilling lives. Her reach extends to millions of people across 96 countries through her top 100 podcast and bestselling books.

Crisis: Jaclyn faced a significant setback early in her career when her first business venture ended in failure and significant debt. This period of struggle and uncertainty tested her resilience and shaped her approach to future endeavors.

Lesson: Jaclyn advises others to change their perception of failures. Instead of viewing them as setbacks, she suggests seeing them as redirections towards the path they are truly meant to be on.

Instagram: @jaclyntgallo
LinkedIn: Jaclyn Gallo
TikTok: @jaclyntgallo
Facebook: Jaclyn Gallo Speaker
YouTube: Jaclyn Gallo

Sarah Feldmann: Embodying Resilience in Every Role

Sarah Feldmann, CEO of Rogue Wave Marketing. Photo used with Permission.
Sarah Feldmann, CEO of Rogue Wave Marketing.

Sarah Feldmann is an award-winning entrepreneur, journalist, and mother of two. She is the founder of Rogue Wave Marketing, and her professional journey is marked by resilience, adaptability, and determination.

Crisis: Sarah navigated through a tumultuous three-year period filled with professional and personal challenges,

including a split with her business partner, starting several new businesses, and dealing with significant personal upheaval.

Lesson: Sarah’s most valuable lesson is understanding the necessity of shifting roles to best navigate each situation. Whether she’s acting as the owner, technician, or mother, she emphasizes the importance of identifying who she needs to be in each scenario to achieve the best outcomes.

Website: Rogue Wave Marketing

Cathryn Chen: Navigating Shifting Geopolitical Tradewinds

Cathryn Chen, Founder of MarketX. Photo used with permission.
Cathryn Chen, Founder of MarketX.

Cathryn Chen is the founder of MarketX and Radiate Ventures, recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 alumna. She has expertly navigated her businesses through several geopolitical shifts, positioning them as global leaders in the fintech industry.

Crisis: Cathryn faced significant hurdles when the relationship between the US and China soured. Then the pandemic hit, followed by increased cryptocurrency scrutiny in the US. Each crisis forced her to adapt and relocate her business.

Lesson: Cathryn’s story underscores Charles Darwin’s advice that it is not the strongest but the most adaptable that survive. Her capacity to pivot and adapt in response to changing circumstances made MarketX Ventures a global leader in diversifying risks and discovering unique investment opportunities.

Beth Gaskill: Disrupting How We Teach Kids to Read

Beth Gaskill, Founder & CEO, Big City Readers. Photo used with permission.
Beth Gaskill, Founder & CEO, Big City Readers.

Beth Gaskill, fondly known as “Miss Beth,” is the driving force behind Big City Readers. As a pioneer in children’s literacy, Beth has introduced a new method of teaching kids how to read.

Crisis: After Beth founded Big City Readers, she was met with skepticism and had difficulty opening storefronts. Shortly after she finally did, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, putting enormous strain on her newly hired staff and her personal savings.

Lesson: The crisis prompted Beth to remember why she started her venture: to ensure that no child, parent, or teacher felt lost or alone when it came to literacy. She harnessed the power of social media to provide daily live story times and develop an online curriculum, which has since made a significant impact on education worldwide.

Podcast: The Play On Words Podcast
Instagram: @bigcityreaders

Kimberly Artley: Maintaining Resilience and Adaptability Amidst Uncertainty

Kimberly Artley, Founder of PACKFIT. Photo used with permission.
Kimberly Artley, Founder of PACKFIT.

Kimberly Artley, CEO of PackFit Dog Training and Behavior, and Founder of K9 Fempreneur, is a digital course creator, published author, and writer. Her work has made notable appearances on iHeartRadio, in Animal Wellness Magazine, and across various other platforms.

Crisis: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted Kimberly’s thriving business, challenging the effectiveness of previously successful strategies. As she worked through the changes, she also prepared to transition to a new lifestyle, living on the road with her pack of dogs.

Lesson: Amidst the crisis, Kimberly learned the value of “allowing,” adapting, and remembering her mission. Leadership, to her, is a mindset, attitude, and action. Resilience is creating opportunities out of tough circumstances, creating comfort through discomfort, and bending without breaking.

Facebook: PackFit2014
Instagram: @packfit1
Twitter: @Packfit1
LinkedIn: Kimberly Artley

Hengam Stanfield: Steering the Ship in Stormy Seas

Hengameh Stanfield, Cofounder of Mattengas. Photo used with Permission.
Hengameh Stanfield, Cofounder of Mattengas.

Hengam Stanfield is a co-founder of Mattenga’s Pizzeria in San Antonio, TX. She’s an electrical engineer, systems specialist, and a renowned restaurateur. Her podcast, the Making Dough Show, is popular among restaurant professionals, where she shares practical tips on running a profitable business. She’s been awarded Small Business of the Year for three consecutive years.

Crisis: On May 7th, 2020, a day that was significant for Hengam both personally and professionally, her pizzeria was short-staffed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. On this day, she was torn between her responsibilities as a mother and as a leader of her team. The pizzeria was in chaos, running low on supplies and dealing with disgruntled customers.

Lesson: The crisis taught Hengam the power of belief. She discovered that the heart of resilience is a steadfast belief in one’s ability to navigate any situation, no matter how challenging it appears. She learned to exude hope, optimism, and strength for herself and her team, leading them through chaos and nurturing their belief in their abilities. This crisis sculpted her into the leader she is today and provided her with invaluable experience and growth.

Instagram: @mattengaspizza

As we conclude, the tenacity and determination displayed by these female entrepreneurs in the face of crisis is nothing short of inspiring. Their stories serve as powerful reminders that challenges can be transformed into stepping stones towards success with the right attitude, belief and leadership.

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