Generative AI, hailed as an unprecedented technological breakthrough, is expected to usher in transformative shifts across various industries in the near future. There are set to be some massive breakthroughs due to semi-automation of the production process. The marketing sector is no exception- it is poised to leverage generative AI’s content creation abilities to speed up the idea generation process. This innovative technology’s capabilities span a wide range, from selecting an optimal ad image to choosing the design of product packaging.

Generative AI Expectations: A Mixed Bag

There are mixed expectations from experts about the impact of generative AI. The optimistic viewpoints are centered around AI’s ability to play a role as a catalyst in the ideation process. It is able to quickly generate frameworks that human creatives can refine and expand upon. By synergizing human and AI abilities’, companies may be able to reduce the massive budgets that are often required for marketing efforts while also having higher quality outputs.

Generative AI’s capabilities can potentially relieve human employees of mundane tasks at work, allowing them to ascend to fulfilling directorial roles. All repetitive tasks like drafting social media captions, orchestrating email campaigns, and crafting website copy may soon be exclusively executed by AI. Human employees will be able to fully lean into their largest asset, which is their ability to think creatively. AI can’t replicate this unique capacity, but still relies upon it for content generation.


The emergence of AI doesn’t come without its challenges. The technology still needs to be refined in order to match a human-level understanding of an organization’s branding goals. AI-generated outputs are also not always usable, so human reviewers may be required for quality control. To prevent the standardization of marketing content or the publication of false content that could damage a brand’s reputation, it is crucial to strike the right balance between AI-driven efficiency and human creative control.

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