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Did you know that in just the first 10 months of 2022 over 15 million global data records were exposed, leaked, lost, or stolen? In fact, it is estimated that 35,000 GB of information has been destroyed throughout history, even before modern technology!  While nearly 64% of all data losses occur in the United States, data breaches are a significant problem all across the world.

Global data breaches occur most often due to human error. Manual input can lead to misclicks that cause accidental deletion of security measures or can forward sensitive information to third parties. Many instances of data breaches are due to a lack of training for network security personnel as a whole. Untrained personnel are more likely to fall for phishing attempts via false emails or spoofing efforts that can endanger the security of sensitive company data. 

Unexpected events can also lead to data breaches across the globe as hardware failure, software glitches, and natural disasters cannot be predicted and it can be difficult to protect the network when these events occur.

Across the world, there are industries that are affected more than others by data breaches. In the United States, the finance industry has experienced nearly 700 incidents in past years. Other countries that have experienced a high number of data breaches are Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and Australia where the healthcare, public administration, and manufacturing industries have all been hit hard by malware attacks.

Unfortunately, data breaches are all too common across multiple industries and countries. With advances in malware technology and technique, data loss is a global certainty. This is why it is important to make sure that your network is protected with the best data security tools there are. To learn more about data breaches and protecting your network, take a look at the infographic below:

The World's Largest Data Breaches

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