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HCLTech, a globally recognized technology company, has recently announced that its digital marketing technology solutions, Advantage Experience platform and Advantage Content Connect, have been made available in the Sitecore Partner Solution Catalog and Sitecore Marketplace.

Shyam Enjeti
Shyam Enjeti

Groundwork for Transformation in Content Operations

The Sitecore Partner Solution Catalogpany’s solutions are suggested to possess the potential to create a transformative impact on content operations and experiences for marketers. The solutions, as outlined by HCLTech, are rooted in the objective of enabling businesses to build comprehensive marketing platforms. These platforms are designed to deliver digital experiences that are meaningful, intuitive, and contextually relevant.

In a statement made by Shyam Enjeti, the executive VP, Digital Business Services, HCLTech, he shared the company’s optimism regarding the impact these solutions could have. He said, “These innovative solutions will empower businesses to build enterprise marketing platforms that deliver meaningful, contextual and intuitive digital experiences. We are confident that our collaboration with Sitecore will bring immense value to organizations seeking to unlock their full digital potential.”

Features of Advantage Experience Platform

The Advantage Experience platform is described as an end-to-end framework that is powered by the Sitecore product stack. The platform aims to develop digital marketing capabilities for marketers that span across a variety of digital touchpoints. The benefits of using this platform include brand marketing, prospect conversion, and customer retention.

With the platform, HCLTech purports that enterprises can accelerate the implementation of their digital marketing platforms, provide integration with core systems in a seamless manner, and also retain flexibility with the selection of modern channels. Furthermore, the platform is designed to provide scalability for MarTech platforms.

Advantage Content Connect and its Role

The second solution offered, Advantage Content Connect, is a connector solution designed to streamline the creation and handling of product content or assets. This solution plays a crucial role in catalog synchronization across Sitecore DXP, Content Hub, and OrderCloud platforms.

Advantage Content Connect is described as a tool that enables content creators to collaborate, manage, and publish content across various channels. This allows them to maintain content consistency, which is paramount to preserving brand identity across various platforms and interfaces.

This development comes as part of HCLTech’s broader efforts to bring advanced technology solutions to the digital marketing sector. With the aim of enhancing the digital capabilities of businesses, HCLTech’s newly listed offerings in the Sitecore marketplace represent a notable development in the field of digital marketing technology.

While the long-term impacts of these solutions on the digital marketing landscape remain to be seen, the move indicates an ongoing trend among technology companies like HCLTech to develop solutions that support organizations in enhancing their digital footprints.

This article was originally published at: