Tips from Female Entrepreneurs on Navigating Business and Life

In recent years, the landscape of entrepreneurship has seen a transformative shift, with women emerging at the forefront of various industries and sectors. Their journeys, marked by determination and resilience, offer a fresh look at what it means to be successful in today’s fast-paced world. As they navigate the intricacies of business, many prioritize a holistic approach that seeks a balance between their professional endeavors and personal lives. In this piece, we explore the perspectives of these trailblazers, understanding their insights and approaches to achieving work-life integration.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria Radu, Co-Founder and COO of Guildenberg
Anna Maria Radu, Co-Founder and COO of Guildenberg

Anna Maria Radu stands out as an entrepreneur and leader. As the co-founder and COO of Guildenberg, she has carved a niche in the WordPress ecosystem. Her early career collaborations with startup founders and NGO leaders have shaped her into not only a leader but also a builder. Anna’s passion revolves around systems, processes, and working with individuals who are driven to create value. She’s a seeker of knowledge, an avid reader, and occasionally puts her thoughts into writing, always letting her heart guide her journey.

Anna Maria’s journey in entrepreneurship hasn’t always been about relentless work. While for many years she prioritized her business over personal joys, it was a daring decision to embrace a new hobby – dirt biking – that brought her unparalleled joy. This new venture taught her that while control is comforting, it doesn’t necessarily equate to happiness. Sometimes, diving into the unknown and embracing risks can lead to profound personal growth and fulfillment.

Anna emphasizes the value of not always having control in business. Drawing parallels from her biking tours, she reflects on how unpredictability and challenges can still lead to success when surrounded by a supportive team and environment. Just as she trusts her biking instructor and the community around her, in business, she focuses on effective communication, setting clear expectations, and seeking support when needed. Anna believes that embracing risks and vulnerabilities, both in business and personal life, can lead to richer experiences and a more profound sense of achievement.

Jennifer Aube

Jennifer Aube, Vice President of Wironen Aube Wealth Management
Jennifer Aube, Vice President of Wironen Aube Wealth Management

Jennifer Aube is a financial advisor, mother of four, wife, friend, author, podcast host, and Vice President of Wironen Aube Wealth Management. With a holistic understanding of balancing responsibilities, Jennifer aids high-achieving women and couples in ensuring financial stability. She focuses on personalized services that aid in living and leaving a legacy.

Jennifer embraces work-life integration and believes in juggling life’s varying demands. While days might not always be balanced, with sometimes work demanding more attention than personal life and vice versa, she stresses the importance of prioritizing, delegating, and letting go. By listing five vital tasks daily, Jennifer ensures she’s focusing on the most crucial aspects. Differentiating between personal, someone else’s, and universal responsibilities has also helped her allocate her energies efficiently.

Jennifer uses a daily planner to identify and accomplish five most crucial tasks for the day. She emphasizes the difference between personal tasks, tasks meant for others, and universal tasks. Time blocking is also an essential tool for her.

Sneha Saigal

Sneha Saigal, Co-Founder at Geeks and Experts
Sneha Saigal, Co-Founder at Geeks and Experts

Sneha Saigal is the co-founder of Geeks and Experts, offering fractional talent for startups and scaleups. With experience spanning various industries and countries, she combines her global outlook to solve local business challenges. Apart from being a wine sommelier, Sneha is also a top writer on Medium.

In maintaining a harmonious work-life balance, Sneha believes it’s essential not to make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions. Taking a moment to assess situations from a distance before reacting can be beneficial.

As a founder wearing many hats, Sneha prioritizes creating daily highlights. This practice ensures she achieves at least one significant task daily that would positively impact her company.

Amanda DuBois

Amanda DuBois, Founder of DuBois Levias Law Group
Amanda DuBois, Founder of DuBois Levias Law Group

Amanda DuBois is the founder and managing partner of DuBois Levias Law Group, a woman-centric boutique family law firm with footprints in Seattle and Bellevue-Redmond. Beyond her law firm, she pioneered the Civil Survival Project to uplift formerly incarcerated individuals by offering civil legal aid and teaching policy advocacy skills. She’s a passionate advocate for the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, actively serving on multiple community boards. Before her legal journey, Amanda served as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse, an experience she blends into her medical-legal mystery novels, the Camille Delaney series.

According to Amanda, the pursuit of wealth shouldn’t be the end goal. Instead, one should find fulfillment and balance by aligning work with personal values. She believes success, balance, and eventually, wealth, stem from being authentic and passionately striving for an outcome because of genuine care and interest.

Amanda stresses the importance of entrusting responsibilities to experts, especially in areas where one may not have in-depth knowledge. She believes it’s unnecessary to micromanage every business facet. Concentrating on one’s strengths and passions while trusting the team for other tasks can pave the way for efficiency and success.

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Teresa Cruz Foley

Teresa Cruz Foley, Founder of Brave Space Consulting
Teresa Cruz Foley, Founder of Brave Space Consulting

Tess Cruz Foley, a Mexican-American behavior analyst, transformed into a DEI consultant and wrote “Mindfully Inclusive,” a curriculum that synergizes SEL with DEI skills. She stands at the helm of Brave Space Consulting, a firm dedicated to Diversity Equity & Inclusion, offering strategic planning support, equity audits, and training courses.

Tess champions the idea of resisting the hustle-culture, associating hustle with a masculine approach to business. Contrarily, she feels that the feminine way is to attract, which revolves as much around mindset as it does about actions.

Rest and rejuvenation are crucial components of Tess’s strategy. She emphasizes listening to one’s body and taking breaks without feeling guilty. She contends that allowing oneself rest can not only boost overall productivity but can also catalyze significant shifts in what we attract to our lives, terming this approach as “badass” and crediting it as a potent tool in her arsenal.

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The entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges and triumphs. The insights shared by these female leaders serve as a testament to their resilience and innovation. The experiences of these women highlight the diverse paths to achievement and underscore the value of persistence, adaptability, and a clear vision. Their narratives remind us that with determination and the right mindset, every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.