Mark Zuckerberg Gifts Iconic Facebook Hoodie to Lucky Fan

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and CEO of Meta, recently shared a piece of social media history with a fan by gifting an old Facebook hoodie, complete with a hand-written note. The hoodie, which features a custom lining with Facebook’s original mission statement, “make the world more open and connected,” was part of a celebratory giveaway for Facebook’s 20th anniversary.

Discover the story of how Mark Zuckerberg gifted a fan one of his old Facebook hoodies, complete with a personal note, in celebration of the social media platform’s 20th anniversary.

A Special Gift from Mark Zuckerberg

The recipient, Matt Thompson, shared his excitement and the details of this unique hoodie on Threads, showcasing the inner lining and Zuckerberg’s personal note. “One of my favorite old-school Facebook hoodies,” Zuckerberg penned. “I wore this all the time in the early days. It even has our original mission statement on the inside lining. Enjoy! — Mark Zuckerberg.”

How the Hoodie Was Acquired

Thompson revealed that Zuckerberg had listed the hoodie on Facebook Marketplace as a free bid item in honor of the platform’s 20th anniversary. Winning this bid, Thompson expressed his gratitude and plans to frame the hoodie while also letting his “Zuck obsessed child and a few members of my HS eSports team wear it a bit.”

More Than Just a Hoodie

Thompson, who coaches a high school League of Legends eSports team, hopes that the attention from this gift will support a fundraiser for his students, who are avid fans of Meta’s social platforms. “I’d legit cry if the students received more funding because of something like this,” Thompson shared, highlighting the potential impact beyond the initial gesture.

The Hoodie’s Legacy

As for the hoodie’s condition, Thompson assures that “It smells like clean laundry for sure,” adding a light-hearted touch to the story. This act of kindness from Zuckerberg not only provides a unique piece of memorabilia but also ties back to the broader community, potentially benefiting Thompson’s eSports team through increased fundraising visibility.