In a recent development, Chelsea Women football players Jess Carter, Melanie Leupolz, and Maren Mjelde collaborated with female entrepreneurs in a workshop. The event was organized by the Chelsea Foundation and Cadbury, aiming to foster discussions around entrepreneurship and personal development.

Jess Carter
Jess Carter
Melanie Leupolz
Melanie Leupolz
Maren Mjelde
Maren Mjelde

Background: The Edge of the Box Club

The attendees were selected based on their prior participation in one of the Chelsea Foundation’s entrepreneurship programs, such as of the Box Club. This program, backed by Cadbury for over eight years, aims to help individuals start their own businesses by offering a supportive environment and networking opportunities.

Activity: The Cadbury Hero Challenge

The workshop featured a segment known as the ‘What it means to be a Cadbury Hero’ challenge. Participants were asked to present pitches on what qualities constitute a hero. The activity provided an avenue for attendees to articulate their understanding of leadership and social impact.

Dialogue: Sharing Career Journeys

Following the challenge, the three Chelsea Women players—Carter, Leupolz, and Mjelde—engaged in a dialogue with the entrepreneurs. They discussed their own career paths, the challenges they have faced, and their future aspirations. This conversation offered mutual insights into the different yet interrelated worlds of sports and business.

Awards: Recognizing Contributions

The event concluded with an awards ceremony. Teresa Clark won the opportunity to host an event at Stamford Bridge’s Millennium Suite, while Tashmar Smith and Maxine Binger received Chelsea merchandise, signed by the players. The awards acknowledged the participants’ contributions to the workshop and their respective fields.

Official Statement: The Chelsea Foundation’s Perspective

Sam Gaskin-Kemp, Chelsea Foundation head of education and innovation, commented on the event. He stated, “It was beneficial to assemble entrepreneurs at this workshop. The Chelsea Foundation’s entrepreneur programs have previously aided these individuals, and the players’ involvement added another dimension to the experience.”

Implications: What the Collaboration Means

The workshop stands as an example of how organizations can bring together people from various professions for mutual benefit. It provided a platform where both athletes and entrepreneurs could discuss the hurdles they’ve faced, the lessons they’ve learned, and the future they envision. Such events contribute to creating an ecosystem that is nurturing and supportive for a diverse group of individuals.

The Significance of the Workshop

This collaborative effort between the Chelsea Women players and the Chelsea Foundation, with the support of Cadbury, was marked by a convergence of ideas and experiences. By combining the domains of sports and entrepreneurship, the event aimed to offer a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Additional Resources

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