Revolutionary Collaboration Platform for Home Builders: Digs Raises M in Funding

Vancouver, Washington-based Digs, a collaboration platform for​ homebuilders, ⁤vendors, and homeowners, has⁤ announced an extension of ‌its $7 million seed round from 2023 with an additional ⁣$7 million. The new round was ​led by the Oregon Venture Fund (OVF) and Legacy Capital Ventures, with participation from‌ existing investors ​such⁢ as Fuse, Flying Fish, Betaworks, and PSF, and new investor Deepwater​ Asset Management.

Investor ‍Confidence in Digs

Digs CEO and co-founder ⁣Ryan ‍Fink expressed his excitement about the continued support from proven investors like OVF and Legacy. He believes that their experience in building and scaling consumer technology will be ‌instrumental in ‍navigating the challenges of rapid growth and accelerating their marketplace strategy.

Revolutionizing⁣ Home Building and Ownership

Fink, along with co-founder ⁢Ty Frackiewicz, previously built Streem, a company that created​ digital twins of homes using phone⁤ cameras. Streem was acquired by ⁢Frontdoor in 2019. The team at Digs ‍is⁤ now using a different approach that focuses on helping builders, vendors, and homeowners⁢ share documents, using AI and computer vision⁤ to better understand those documents. This is facilitated through a‍ modern real-time collaboration ‌platform and document ⁢storage service.

Gene Munster,⁤ managing partner at Deepwater, praised Digs for taking home building and ownership⁣ to the next level. He expressed⁣ his excitement about⁣ partnering with Fink and his team, who are using AI to solve real pain points for builders‍ and homeowners.

Digs’ Expansion and New Hire

Digs has now‌ launched ⁢in the⁣ U.S. and Canada and counts several ‌boutique builders and national⁤ developers among its users. To support‌ its growth, Digs ‍recently hired ⁤Jef Holove as​ its chief operating​ officer. Holove was previously the CEO of‌ Drop, a​ marketplace‍ known for its keyboard and audiophile​ selections, which was acquired ⁤by Corsair in ⁢2023. He also served as the COO of Streem and the CEO of Basis, which was acquired by Intel in 2014.

Holove highlighted the value of the digital twin that⁣ Digs creates for homes, ‍which includes everything from room dimensions and paint and fixture specifics to ‍compatible water filters for the fridge. He believes this ‍will greatly simplify the management and improvement of homes.