Revolutionize Your Productivity: Amie Integrates Your Email Inbox into its Calendar App

Microsoft Outlook has a dedicated⁢ fan base due to its ‌ability to ⁣consolidate emails, ⁤calendar events, and contacts into a single application. However, its complex interface ⁤is not for everyone.‌ Enter Amie, ⁢an innovative calendar app that is now integrating⁣ emails into its platform. ‍This move eliminates the ‌need for users to toggle⁣ between their calendar and email client when scheduling meetings or checking their availability for specific tasks.

Amie’s New⁤ Feature

This ‌new ⁢feature is part of Amie’s 1.0 release after a couple⁢ of years ⁣in‍ private beta. Users can now sign‍ up and‌ download the app without any invite code. The‌ decision to drop the waitlist was influenced ‍by the launch of ‍Notion Calendar last week, according to Dennis Müller,​ the founder⁣ and CEO of⁣ Amie. ​Contrary to his ⁣initial expectations, ⁤the ​launch of Notion⁢ Calendar ‍turned⁢ out​ to be a‍ positive development for​ Amie.

Amie’s Unique Approach

Amie stands out with its well-designed product full of smart interaction models and ​nice animations. It works​ with your Google account, ‍importing ⁣and displaying your Google Calendar‍ events ⁤in a traditional calendar view. Amie also allows you to manage your to-do⁣ list, creating tasks without much thought. If ​you ​want to define a date and time for a task, you can simply drag it into your week view, where ​it will appear as an event alongside your other⁢ calendar events.

Integration with Other Services

Amie has​ built integrations with⁢ other third-party services, such as Notion, Linear, Things, Todoist, and⁣ Ticktick,⁢ allowing you to ‌import your tasks‌ from ‌these services or keep them​ in‍ sync. ‍It works well for individual​ users, but it truly ‌shines when ​used as a team ​with your co-workers. Each user has their own profile card, and Amie⁢ lets you quickly check when one of your co-workers is available. It also supports multiple accounts, which can​ be useful for viewing‍ your personal and work calendar in​ the same app.

Email⁢ Integration

Amie’s email integration is still basic,⁣ but it gets the job done when it comes to drafting⁣ a new email or​ checking your latest conversations. The email inbox appears​ as​ another to-do‍ list ⁣that refreshes ​in ⁣real ‌time ⁢as⁢ new emails arrive. You can click on an⁣ email to read‍ it and⁢ reply ‍directly in Amie. ‍On mobile, you can view your email and your calendar using a⁣ split-screen feature. ⁤You can also drag your email onto⁣ the calendar to schedule a time to reply to that ⁤email or act on its content.