Salesforce’s Ethical Officer: Insights About The Path to Comprehensive AI Legislation

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Salesforce’s Chief Ethical and Humane Use Officer, Paula Goldman, shared insights on the progression towards concrete artificial intelligence (AI) legislation in the United States. Goldman emphasized the bipartisan nature of the issue and the importance of establishing federal legislation to create uniform standards across the nation.

Emerging Momentum for AI Legislation

Goldman highlighted the growing momentum for AI laws in the U.S., citing the bipartisan approach among lawmakers as a positive sign for the future of AI regulation. She pointed out efforts in the EU and the U.K. as examples of comprehensive AI legislation, stressing the need for international frameworks to be interoperable.

The Risks of State-by-State Legislation

Without federal oversight, Goldman warned of the potential for a fragmented approach to AI regulation, with individual states creating their own laws. This scenario could lead to inconsistencies and complications for AI development and deployment across different jurisdictions.

Optimism for Bipartisan Support

Despite the challenges, Goldman remains optimistic about achieving bipartisan support for AI legislation in the U.S. Senate. She believes that common ground can be found on several sub-issues within AI regulation, underscoring the importance of establishing guardrails for technology use.

Goldman’s Role and Salesforce’s AI Initiatives

As a member of the U.S. National AI Advisory Committee, Goldman advises the Biden administration on AI-related topics and leads Salesforce’s efforts in responsible technology use. Salesforce’s engagement in AI includes the launch of Einstein, a conversational AI bot for enterprise applications, highlighting the company’s commitment to ethical AI development.

Legislative Efforts in the U.S.

The U.S. Congress is currently considering several AI-related bills, including the REAL Political Advertisements Act for AI-generated political ad disclaimers, the National AI Commission Act for AI regulation recommendations, and the AI Labeling Act for clear notices on AI-generated content. These initiatives reflect the growing call for AI regulation amid advancements in generative AI technologies.