How Silverstone is Championing Women in Racing

The iconic Silverstone Circuit, known for its rich motorsport heritage, hosted an event dedicated to inspiring women to pursue careers in motorsport. This initiative comes in light of statistics showing that women comprise only 31% of the sport’s workforce. Stephanie Carlin, the deputy team principal of Rodin Carlin, stressed that the disparity is not due to a lack of ability among women but rather the absence of sufficient representation and encouragement for women in the field.

Encouraging STEM Education

During the event at Silverstone, discussions emphasized the importance of STEM education for young girls. Carlin noted that girls often do not opt for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics subjects, largely due to societal stereotypes. The absence of female role models in motorsport’s technical roles further contributes to this trend. The event’s dialogue highlighted the need for guidance and the presence of women in all facets of motorsport to inspire future generations.

Representation Matters

The event showcased the voices of women from various sectors of the racing world, including those working behind the scenes and those on the track. Abbi Pulling, an F1 Academy driver and part of the Alpine junior team, urged women to consider motorsport as a viable career path. By sharing her own experiences, Pulling aimed to encourage women to approach the sport with an open mind and dedication.

A Historic Perspective

It was noted that the world of Formula 1 has not seen a female driver compete since the 1970s, and currently, women’s participation at all competitive levels of motorsport stands at a mere 10%. The forum at Silverstone aimed to tackle these numbers head-on by not only promoting awareness but also by offering practical support, such as free admission for girls to the Silverstone Museum throughout October.