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Many people have dreams and aspirations of what our life could look like but few actually manage to carve out the life of our dreams. Work, family, and relationships can sometimes get in the way and before you know it another year has passed. Modern-day life is often accused of making us unhappy by default, as people struggle to be happy and satisfied with life. Yet, it does not have to be this way. 

Personal Development Expert, Tina Brigley, works predominantly with high-achieving women who want more out of life. Her personal development coaching guides them through the process towards unlocking a life of more joy and reclaiming their feminine power. The TedX speaker believes we all have the power to choose who we want to become as adults – all we need is the willingness to shed the old and step into the new and a commitment to personal development. 

Personal development isn’t selfish, it’s necessary

We live in a society where thinking about yourself can often be perceived as selfish. Yet, working on your personal development is essential to creating a more meaningful life. The Personal Development Expert provides a number of programs such as the 90 Day Total Life Transformation Challenge, which aims to take a holistic approach to creating a lasting lifestyle that provides the building blocks for a more joyful life. 

Through her programs, Brigley provides a step-by-step approach to create meaningful goals empowering people to get in the driver’s seat of their life. She takes her clients through the process of defining success on their own terms, starting from living life with more joy, freedom and courage.

Our happiness is our responsibility

Personal Development Expert, Tina Brigley
Personal Development Expert, Tina Brigley

We can often place blame on external circumstances and people as the source of our problems and our unhappiness. However, Brigley believes that the responsibility lies with ourselves to create the life we want.

The Personal Development Expert recalls how when she had left her husband in 2015, she had thought this was the answer to all of her unhappiness. She says, “I realized it was never him. It was me. Something had to change within me and I woke up one day saying, “Today is the day”. I committed to personal development and took myself on in a profound way.”

Be willing to uncover blindspots

Personal development is never a destination but rather an ongoing journey of discovery, delving into what makes you tick but also sometimes facing some hard truths. There may be things we need to uncover and work through but by seeing these blindspots we can move forward in a way that we otherwise would not be able to. Brigley says, “It’s not what you know that matters, it’s what you don’t know that’s hiding beyond your view that does.”

Final thoughts

Brigley shows us how we all have the opportunity to step into our power and create the lives we want. Her unique approach focuses on  ways of being  first and foremost with the belief that everything else will follow. Most importantly, Brigley’s central focus of living a life filled with joy and courage reminds us that we are the creators of our happiness.

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