Enhanced AI capabilities increase grilling flexibility and accessibility

, /PRNewswire/ — Brisk It, the smart grill for everyone, today announced their Spring 2023 product update, which will be automatically downloaded over the air to every Origin 580 Smart Grill around the world. This update furthers Brisk It’s mission to make grilling more flexible and more accessible with features like:

Brisk It: Everyone’s Smart Grill

  • Wider temperature ranges, including smoking at low temperatures down of 165 ℉. This makes cold smoking jerky, keeping food warm, or dehydrating veggies much easier.
  • Action notifications to remind you when it’s time to spritz or baste your BBQ. These automated notifications, complete with countdown timers, are integrated into each InnoGrill recipe, so you’ll never forget when it’s time to head back to the grill.
  • InnoGrill™ AI refinements to automatically adapt to unexpected issues. The Origin 580 will now automatically re-ignite when it detects flameouts and adjust temperature if you miss a step like wrapping the meat in foil.

“Brisk It was founded on the idea of creating a smart grill that could simplify the entire BBQ process down to a single click,” said Christopher Huang, Founder & CEO of Brisk It Grills. “2 years and 14 prototypes later, we’re proud to say we’ve released an amazing grill full of adaptive automation capabilities that takes the hassle out of making great BBQ.”

Customers everywhere are touting the simplicity of the Origin 580 Smart Grill. “This smoker is top-notch. I have cooked everything from brisket to banana bread on this thing and everything has come out perfectly.” Writes Thomas J. from Palm Springs, Florida. “The app is so easy to use and the InnoGrill feature is pretty cool if you are new to the grilling game or just want to throw something on the grill and have it do all the work for you. It’s like nothing on the market!”

The Origin 580 Smart Grill, along with pellets, accessories, recipes, and more, is available for purchase at briskitgrills.com. To learn more about Brisk It Grills, follow us on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook.


Brisk It Grills was founded in 2020 with a vision of making an “easy button” for grilling. We’re leveraging advanced AI to give everyone the ability to enjoy delicious home-cooked BBQ, regardless of skill level, preferences, or free time. Our flagship product, the Origin 580 Smart Grill, combines traditional wood pellet smoking with smart technologies to maximize delicious smoked flavor the first time, and every time.

SOURCE Brisk It Labs, Inc.