, /PRNewswire/ — Dynatos, a leader in Source-to-Pay automation and e-invoicing announced a strategic partnership with IAGICA, an Italian technology provider. Dynatos is broadening its activities in Southern Europe, particularly in Italy, where it has seen an increasing demand for finance and procurement transformation solutions.

Dynatos has been serving the Iberian market since 2017, with an office in Madrid, Spain, and has a client base over 850 customers and partners. Antonio Garcia Guerrero, VP Europe South at Dynatos notes that in the last two years, particularly after the Covid pandemic, there has been a growing demand for finance and procurement transformation in Italy.

“As a Strategic Partner, Dynatos emphasizes a personalized approach and subject matter expertise that matches the needs of its customers. The partnership with IAGICA will allow Dynatos to provide the same level of service in Italy as it does in other regions where it operates. With IAGICA’s market knowledge and experienced team, Dynatos aims to deliver state-of-the-art procurement and finance transformation solutions, such as Coupa Business Spend Management, Routty e-invoicing and e-delivery, and Kofax ReadSoft solutions,” comments Garcia.

IAGICA offers a range of technology solutions that are tailored to meet its clients’ needs, with high quality of services through expertise and experience. As the CEO of IAGICA, Paolo Colagrande, stated – “We are honored and proud to announce the new partnership with Dynatos, an international leader in the world of business process automation with a focus on financial processes.”

The personal customer approach of IAGICA, it is a perfect fit with the ‘Strategic Partnership’ strategy of Dynatos. “A strategic alliance born with the goal of bringing the international experience of Dynatos to Italy, so as to support Italian companies in their business process optimization and digitization process.”

The partnership between Dynatos and IAGICA aligns with Dynatos’ ‘Strategic Partnership’ strategy, as both companies prioritize a personalized approach to customer service. Together, they aim to bring the international experience and expertise of Dynatos to Italy to support Italian companies in optimizing and digitizing their business processes.

Dynatos VP South Europe, Antonio Garcia, notes that the partnership with IAGICA provides a solid foundation to support existing and new customers in their journey towards digitizing their financial processes. Gert-Jan de Vries, CEO of Dynatos, sees this partnership as another step in the European growth of Dynatos, emphasizing the strategic importance of expert partners like IAGICA in the company’s growth journey. Together, Dynatos and IAGICA look forward to delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions to Italy.

About Dynatos:

Dynatos is a leading expert, delivering Source-to-Pay and e-Invoicing solutions driving transformation of the finance and procurement function into a digital operation and internal business partner. Dynatos supports over 850 customers and has offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Norway, Denmark, and Slovakia. Dynatos strives for continuous perfection by bringing expertise, inspiring ideas and innovative technologies to make organizations work digital, more efficient and being future proof.

Dynatos is part of the, privately owned, Cronos Group. An IT service provider founded in 1991. Today, the company counts 8.500 employees, with together more than 9.000 customers. 

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Iagica is an Italian Technology Provider, has been serving the Italian market since 2017, with an office in Rome, Milan and L’Aquila, Italy.

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