Fast recharging, easy access and enormous power! EcoFlow’s solar generators help to combat power shortages from business to home.

JOHHANESBURG, April 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — EcoFlow, a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company, is showcasing its latest products at the Solar Show Africa 2023, taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The exhibition features a full range of EcoFlow’s energy solutions, including the recently launched DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series Solar Generators, Power Kits, Smart Home Panel, and Smart Generator(Dual Fuel).

EcoFlow Showcases Clean and Sustainable Energy Solutions at Solar Show Africa 2023

According to Africa Infrastructure Knowledge Program, the persistent power shortages across Africa have culminated in a crisis that is affecting thirty different nations, and this trend is likely to intensify due to aging plants and insufficient maintenance. This has a significant impact on economic growth and productivity. Since the extension of load shedding, a majority of small businesses have closed due to power outages in South Africa. Additionally, power outages in Zimbabwe can last as long as 19 hours a day as stated in

The products on display are specifically designed to address the power outage challenges. With the industry’s fastest charging speed and excellent efficiency solar conversion rate of 23%, EcoFlow’s solutions offer an alternative to traditional backup power sources that is more eco-friendly, compact, and sustainable, whilst also empowering more individuals with power independence.

EcoFlow’s latest DELTA 2 Solar Generators can provide 1-3kWh electricity with an add-on extra battery, attributed to its expandable capacity. 1800W rated output(up to 2400W with X-Boost mode on) provides enough power for 90% of home appliances. Fully rechargeable in 80 minutes by an AC socket and as fast as 3 hours by solar charging, users can rest assured that they will always be prepared with DELTA 2. When a temporary power cut strikes, DELTA 2 can automatically switch the energy source from mains to its battery power in less than 30 milliseconds to protect your home appliances and keep the essentials running.

Weighing from 3.5kg, the RIVER 2 series offers a more portable and accessible power source for homes, outdoors and on the go. Small but still powerful, the RIVER 2 series breaks the charging speed record with 0-100% in merely one hour with an AC socket. While working at home, the 512Wh capacity of RIVER 2 Max portable power station has enough juice to keep your laptop and Wi-Fi router running even during Stage 5/6 of load shedding. Both adopting the LFP battery, DELTA 2 and RIVER 2 series have a lifespan of 3000 cycles, which is about 10 years of everyday use.

EcoFlow Power Kits are the world’s first integrated, plug-and-play power solutions designed especially for off-grid homes and RVs. Giving you an expandable capacity of up to 15kWh and 3600W Max AC output, Power Kits can basically power most of the essential appliances for days. Moreover, multiple methods of charging using a combination of AC, vehicle alternator, solar panels and our Smart Generator keep you with a stable supply of electricity.

“We are thrilled to be participating in the Solar Show Africa 2023 and showcasing our latest energy solutions to potential customers and partners in the region,” said Joy Wu, EcoFlow’s Head of LATAM&APAC. “Our products are designed to meet the energy needs of households and businesses in Africa. Our solutions provide a reliable and sustainable source of power, reducing our customers’ reliance on traditional grid power and contributing to a cleaner and greener future.”

EcoFlow plans to expand the availability of its energy solutions by establishing relationships with distributors and partners in Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Mozambique. For more information on EcoFlow’s products and solutions, please visit our EcoFlow’s official website.

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EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company with the vision to power a new world.  Since its founding in 2017, EcoFlow aims to become a reliable and trusted energy companion for individuals and families across the world, providing accessible and renewable power solutions at home, outdoors, and in mobile spaces. Today, with operational headquarters located in the USA, Germany, and Japan, EcoFlow has empowered more than 2 million users in over 100 markets worldwide.

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