GPARENCY Launches Free Agency and CMBS Loans Program, Offering Members Unmatched Benefits in Commercial Mortgage Brokerage

, /PRNewswire/ — GPARENCY, the first membership-based, full-service commercial mortgage brokerage, is proud to announce the launch of their innovative new product offering that is set to disrupt the industry once more. Following their groundbreaking shift in charging substantially lower brokerage fees, GPARENCY is now offering an exclusive perk for its members – “Free Agency or CMBS Loans” where the lenders cover the mortgage broker fee, instead of the borrower.

Since its inception, GPARENCY has been a game changer in the commercial mortgage brokerage industry. The company has strived to provide its members with significantly lower brokerage fees compared to the traditional 1% of the loan amount. By charging either $11,000 upfront or 1/4 of 1% of the loan amount at closing, GPARENCY has demonstrated its commitment to offering superior value to its members.

The latest product offering takes this commitment even further. For permanent “Agency or CMBS Loans” above $10MM, GPARENCY is eliminating mortgage broker fees for the borrower, with the lenders covering the cost instead. This revolutionary approach ensures that borrowers can secure the financing they need without incurring additional broker fees, making the entire process more affordable and efficient for all parties involved.

“GPARENCY is all about challenging the status quo and transforming the way commercial mortgage brokerage services are provided,” said Ira Zlotowitz, CEO of GPARENCY. “By introducing this unique perk for our members, we’re taking another significant step towards a more transparent, cost-effective, and customer-centric approach to the industry.”

This exclusive perk is available to all GPARENCY members, solidifying the company’s position as a leader in providing unparalleled value to borrowers in the commercial mortgage space. For more information about this revolutionary product offering and the benefits of becoming a GPARENCY member, visit


GPARENCY is the first membership-based, full-service commercial mortgage brokerage, dedicated to revolutionizing the industry with its innovative approach to broker fees and customer-centric services. By offering lower fees and exclusive perks for its members, GPARENCY is committed to providing exceptional value and transparency in the commercial mortgage space. To learn more, visit

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