, /PRNewswire/ — KeraLase™ is an in-office treatment that uses a winning combination of LaseMD Ultra™ and KeraFactorMD™ to restore scalp and follicle health leading to fuller, healthy-looking hair. It has been used successfully in recent trials conducted by top physicians who have shared the visible results: their clients experienced higher hair counts and increased hair thickness, fullness, and strength.


The treatment must be performed in a physician’s office, (plastic surgeon, dermatologist, or med spa), only physicians are allowed to purchase KeraFactorMD™, enabling them to offer KeraLase™ to their patients. The KeraLase™ process involves the use of the LaseMD Ultra™ by Lutronic and the new KeraFactorMD™ serum from SkinQRI. The non-ablative LaseMD Ultra™ creates tiny dry microchannels in the scalp, increasing the absorption of the serum. KeraFactorMD™ is an improved version of the original KeraFactor® serum, with an additional growth factor and 2 compounds that allow it to be further activated by Photodynamic Red Light Therapy.

The KeraFactorMD™ is a drug-free and hormone-free Treatment Serum created by Dr. Amy Forman Taub, FAAD, and James Bartholomeusz, combines an 8th polypeptide, Follistatin, and 2 new compounds, PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) and Proprietary NanoFluorosome Activation Technology, along with the previously patented KeraFactor® Peptide Complex. KFP® is unique in that it contains specifically selected growth factors and skin proteins that are biomimetic (exact copies) of our own human proteins focused on the four stages of the hair life cycle.

The bioavailable version of the growth factor Follistatin is a binding and signaling protein essential to managing hair’s life cycle. FST has been shown to accelerate results by “turning on” the anagen (growth) phase of the hair life cycle. FST had never been synthesized in an effective and bioavailable topical form. KeraFactor by SkinQRI is the only company to have Follistatin available for treatment in a topical formulation.

Another critical addition to KeraFactorMD™ is NanoFluorosomes™, a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-androgenic compound encased in our nanoliposome technology, which decreases inflammation and follicle miniaturization. It is naturally fluorescent, which means the correct red laser or light source can additionally activate this compound. Importantly, it allows users to reduce their reliance on oral or topical anti-hormone prescriptions.

If you’re looking for the ultimate hair loss solution and are ready to learn more about the benefits of KeraLase™, ask your provider or simply visit the website to find a location.

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