New Tower Fan Features High Wind Speed Performance, Low Noise Level, Four Modes, Remote Control and Storage

, /PRNewswire/ — Levoit, the leader in air purifiers in the U.S.*, has just launched its newest innovation: the Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan. The tower fan is designed to be temperature-responsive and uncompromising in its ability to quickly and quietly bring wind to every part of the home. This is Levoit’s first-ever tower fan, featuring high wind speed performance, low noise level, removable and washable back grille and impeller for easy cleaning, 90-degree oscillation, and remote control with storage.

Levoit Classic 36 Inch Tower Fan. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Levoit.

Embodying high performance technology and style, the Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan offers a powerful motor, multi-functional design, easy-to-use technology, and innovative features, such as:

  • Temperature Responsive: Using a built-in sensor, the tower fan makes automatic fan speed adjustments based on room temperature. This feature only operates when auto, advanced sleep, or turbo mode is selected.
  • Powerful Wind Speed: Max wind speed at 25 feet per second.
  • Low Noise Level: Get uninterrupted sleep with a 28-decibel low noise level with improved air ducts and wind wheel design to provide quiet operation.
  • Cross-Flow Duct Design: The long narrow air duct design speeds up the air flow, outperforming top competitors (max air velocity 25 feet per second, air volume 1062 CFM, distance 7 meters).
  • Multi-Angle/ 120 Degrees Detachable Air Intake: The multi-angle air inlet ensures small air inlet resistance; wide-angle air supply provides uniform and a stronger output.
  • Five Fan Speeds: Five fan speeds to reach desired level of power and stay cool.
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to clean parts; removable back cover and impeller for quick and thorough cleaning.
  • Four Modes: Equipped with four modes, including normal, auto, advanced sleep, and turbo.

“With the launch of the Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan, we’re excited to enter a new marketplace and introduce the tower fan to the Levoit product line, thus continuing to provide our customers with long-lasting solutions to create comfortable atmospheres in their home,” said Grace Yang, CEO and Founder of Vesync Co, Ltd. “With fans being a staple in most homes, we created the Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan so people can get everything they need out of one fan. From the high wind speed and low noise level to the large coverage, easy-to-use controls, and customizations, the Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan is an essential addition to any home.”

This summer, Levoit will also launch its second tower fan, the Levoit 42-Inch Tower Fan, with elevated features such as a DC Motor, temperature sensor, crossflow duct design, angle adjuster, among many more.

The Levoit 36-Inch Tower Fan is available on and Amazon for $69.99. For additional information, visit

About Levoit:

Launched in 2016, Levoit connects homes with smart products to create clean and comfortable atmospheres. The brand’s collection of air purifiers and humidifiers features industry-leading technologies and smart home applications. As part of the Vesync Family of Brands, Levoit has received worldwide recognition for its continued innovation in reliable, intuitive designs. To learn more, visit