, /PRNewswire/ — Link Labs, the global leader in IoT location services technology, has launched Ultra, a new asset tracking solution that combines UWB with their patented Xtreme Low Energy (XLE®) technology to provide greater precision for indoor location tracking at the same low cost.

With this solution, Link Labs has achieved location accuracy of up to 30 centimeters, enabling indoor and on-site use cases that require a more granular precision. With this level of accuracy, manufacturing operations can effectively distinguish between boarding work stations for applications such as WIP and tool tracking.

Ultra provides the accuracy and precision of UWB without the high power consumption that drives up costs. Instead, by combining UWB with XLE®, the difference in power consumption and price from XLE® alone is negligible compared to the improved accuracy. This system also supports both UWB and XLE® tags simultaneously, allowing companies to further drop prices by using the higher accuracy tags only where they need it. Our offers are as low as $1 to $3 per tag per month!

With this patented technology, Link Labs provides increased value to manufacturing and other indoor or campus-based operations. We are pushing boundaries to provide the greatest possible location accuracy at the lowest possible cost while maintaining our commitment to customer satisfaction and customized solutions.

To learn more about Link Labs or how our new Ultra solution can work for you, visit https://www.link-labs.com/

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Link Labs is the global leader in IoT location services technology, providing real-time enterprise asset visibility for manufacturing and logistics operations. With over 29 patents in the United States alone, we track over 2 billion unique IoT location, condition, and behavior monitoring events per month. Our solutions are designed to be both affordable and impactful, providing real-time visibility for all your company’s unique asset tracking needs. For more information, visit https://www.link-labs.com/ and follow on Twitter @LinkLabsInc.

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