, /PRNewswire/ — Global Delight is an innovative tech company with a history of developing outstanding audio, video, and utility apps that provide delightful experiences to their users. Now, they are ready to launch an extraordinary music track splitter app called AuDimix, which will be the best companion app for musicians, DJs, music producers, and music enthusiasts.

Makers of Boom, Global Delight have unveiled AuDimix, an Innovative Music Track Splitter App for Windows.

AuDimix will allow users to split stems of any song, enabling them to practice, perform, and create music. The app supports five stems; Drums, Vocals, Piano, Bass and Backing Instruments. Users can easily import songs in MP3, WAV, M4A, and other major audio formats and extract each stem of the song. Additionally, users can adjust levels of different stems. After completing the stem separation process, they can mix and export the high-quality file to their PC. This makes AuDimix the best track splitter app for DJs and musicians to create their own acapella tracks or mashups by isolating individual instruments or stems of any song. 

A top-tier feature of AuDimix that makes it stand out is the ability to preview individual stems, live. This live preview feature of the app enables users to listen to individual components of a song being extracted. This feature can help achieve desired results in the editing process, remixing, or creating mashups. The full power of the app can be experienced in the free trial version. 

AuDimix offers unparalleled ease of use through its simple and intuitive interface. Be it a beginner or a pro, anyone can use AuDimix with ease. For entertainment or professional use, AuDimix is the best music stem splitter app to rely upon. 

“We developed AuDimix keeping the needs of music enthusiasts and learners in mind, and it uses an AI powered track splitting engine that has been optimized to live preview the stems of a song,” says Ramachandra Acharya, CTO of Global Delight. “With AuDimix, users can easily extract vocals, drums, and other instruments from a song. They can sing along to original artists by removing vocals, play along to them by suppressing different instruments, or create their own unique mixes. We’re excited to bring this innovative app to the market, and aim to take the creativity of music lovers to a whole new level with AuDimix.”

AuDimix can be downloaded from the Microsoft store.

About Global Delight

Global Delight Technologies is an award-winning firm that develops unique apps for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and HarmonyOS. Along with the efforts of their hard-working team, Global Delight has successfully etched their name as one of the top app developers in the world. Their dedication to excellence has helped them maintain a loyal customer base and attract new users around the globe. 

For more information, visit globaldelight.com or globaldelight.com/AuDimix

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