, /PRNewswire/ — moovel, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Metropia, Inc, located in Houston, Texas, to be the exclusive distributor of Metropia’s Mobility-As-a-Service (MaaS) and Mobility on Demand (MOD) solutions to transit systems in North America.

moovel is a leader in innovation for transit fare collection and ticketing solutions in North America and has been providing quality fare collection experience for over a decade with transit clients and partner companies. moovel currently operates the highest highest-rated mobile ticketing application in North America at 4.9 stars with over 17,000 reviews called “CharmPass,” used by the Maryland Department of Transportation’s bus, light rail, metro, and commuter rail systems. moovel was the first company to launch smart card emulation on a mobile device, using both Apple and Google wallet applications, in North America with TriMet in Portland, Oregon. moovel’s multi-tenant, account-based backend system, along with its award-winning mobile ticketing application provides unsurpassed capabilities in the market today. 

Metropia, Inc. (Metropia), a technology solutions firm, is a leading provider of MaaS and MOD trip planner that allows users to plan their trips based on preferred multi-modal travel modes (e.g., rail, bus, bike, shared modes, vanpool, demand-responsive transit), desired cost and transfer time, and maximum travel time for first/last mile modes, among others. Furthermore, Metropia’s Mobility Wallet seamlessly integrates with the trip planner and transcends the traditional concept by introducing a dual digital currency system, Coins and Tokens, to support not only a common payment system for all Transportation Service Provider (TSP) services but to allow also organizations to sponsor transit tickets to support their equity and sustainability programs through the disbursement of Tokens. Metropia’s innovative Maas solution is currently powering the TxDOT Houston District ConnectSmart and Taiwan’s Ministry of Transportation (MOTC) national MaaS programs. Furthermore, Metropia’s solution was integral in BART’s Perks II deployment.

“We are excited about our partnership with Metropia. It positions our companies to align with the future of transit technology where there is a convergence between complex fare collection ticketing solutions and MaaS as well as with on-board systems that Strategic Mapping provides for vehicles. Our view is that great achievement in business is never done by a single company but through collaboration by best-in-class firms aligned with a shared vision to make transit a better experience for all. We look forward to bringing the value of this partnership to our clients to drive the future of mobility,” said Bram Granovsky, President & CEO of moovel and Strategic Mapping.

“The time is right for the best companies to work together to deliver the best turn-key solutions to the transit mobility industry.  Innovation and commitment to our clients’ success have always been core values of Metropia and moovel; this exciting partnership will definitely help the industry deliver enhanced user experiences and more reliable services offered by both companies,” said Dr. Yi-Chang Chiu, President and CEO of Metropia. 

moovel’s and Metropia’s combined world-class systems will open new doors in urban mobility for those ready to embrace the future. To learn more about what moovel has to offer, including how you can be a part of their growing and dynamic team, visit our website at moovelus.com. To learn more about Metropia its innovative technology and deployments visit metropia.com

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