New end-to-end healthcare platform to treat STDs, HIV and hepatitis C,

connecting historically underserved populations to free and private care

, /PRNewswire/ — Today HealthyMD announces the launch of its new online sexual health testing and treatment services. The company’s mission is to improve and save lives by reducing the stigma and fear around testing for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), the viruses hepatitis C and HIV, as well as providing the most advanced pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) treatment available to prevent HIV.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention1, rates of STDs continue to rise across the U.S. and people of color and the LGBTQAI+ community2 are disproportionately affected. New cases of the hepatitis C virus — which can be, but is not exclusively transmitted via sexual contact — are also increasing, particularly among people ages 18 to 29. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 15 percent of the more than one million people living with HIV are unaware of their status and may be transmitting the virus to their partner(s) as a result3.

HealthyMD is a new digital platform that provides free education and telehealth services to prevent and treat infections including chlamydia, genital herpes, syphilis, and gonorrhea, as well as HIV and hepatitis C. Individuals who think that they may have contracted one of these infections or viruses can schedule a free telehealth appointment via HealthyMD. If needed, a free test kit will be shipped discreetly and directly to their homes. If the test results are positive, additional telehealth appointments will be scheduled and if needed, HealthyMD will provide preventive or therapeutic medication(s), including PrEP for HIV. Individuals seeking these services and support can visit and follow the company on Facebook and Instagram.

HealthyMD is focused on reaching people who may not be aware of their risk of contracting an STD, hepatitis C or HIV or who are avoiding testing due to a variety of barriers, which may range from ease of access, cost, cultural barriers, or concerns regarding visiting a clinic or healthcare professional in person. The new venture’s co-founders, CEO Clifford W. Knights II and COO Steve Vixamar, have more than 20 years of healthcare experience, including running an independent pharmacy that catered to underserved communities; launching and overseeing IMG Health Clinic, which operates 23 Florida-based brick-and-mortar and mobile units; and IMG Helps, a nonprofit focused on health equity. As with HealthyMD, all of their ventures have addressed health inequities often faced by Black, Hispanic, LGBTQIA+, and other communities that have been marginalized.

CEO Clifford W. Knights II explains, “Steve and I understand the struggles of the people we work with every day, because we lived them. Growing up Black in low-income housing, both of our families experienced challenges getting healthcare, whether that was due to insurance issues, getting transportation to an appointment, or worrying about the cost of a visit or medication. HealthyMD is a natural evolution of our life’s work in today’s increasingly diverse digital-first market.”

The company is poised to quickly expand, launch an app to extend ease-of-use in addition to its mobile-optimized website, and unveil new strategic partnerships and public health awareness efforts to improve and save lives.

About HealthyMD

HealthyMD is an end-to-end telehealth company empowering people to take control of their sexual health. The digital platform allows users to secure quick and easy access to sexual health testing and services including free education, free at-home testing, and, if needed, treatment at little to no cost. More information is available at