Revealed this week at the LogiPharma life science supply chain conference in Lyon, France, TraceLink’s new digital information exchange solution will drive true multi-party digital supply visibility for supply chain participants regardless of company size or technical capability.

, /PRNewswire/ — TraceLink Inc., the leading digital network platform company connecting more than 290,000 entities across the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, today announced Multienterprise Information Network Tower (MINT), TraceLink’s new solution to power end-to-end supply chain visibility, collaboration, and intelligence with a digital network platform. Leveraging the proven, industry-wide integration capabilities of the Opus platform and TraceLink network, MINT provides the foundational capabilities required for supply chain participants to finally gain full visibility with a supply network through the exchange of interoperable commerce, inventory, logistics, and other supply chain data.

MINT is a transformational capability for the supply chain, enabling rapid trade partner onboarding and a Business-to-Network Integrate-Once™ approach for sharing timely, critical business information necessary to prevent supply disruptions and optimize key performance metrics. MINT achieves these goals through transformative capabilities, including:

  • MINT leverages a proven model for trade partner identification, authentication, onboarding, and integration which provides the foundation for developing a true digital twin for each company, its products, and its partners across the end-to-end pharmaceutical supply chain. TraceLink has onboarded and integrated more than 7,400 CMOs.
  • An Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™ integration model that accelerates supply chain digitalization efforts 10-100 times faster and cheaper than legacy point-to-point methods — this model already features 290,000+ trade partners in the Healthcare and Life Sciences ecosystem live on the TraceLink network today. TraceLink has saved the pharmaceutical industry more than $4.7B compared to point-to-point integrations for exchanging business transactions to support global track and trace.
  • MINT powers the digital exchange of POs, Invoices, ASNs, and scores of other digital business transactions that businesses and their trade partners rely upon. MINT runs on the TraceLink network which currently processes 50K ASNs per month and has processed more than 1M transactions.
  • MINT makes it painless for trade partners to interoperate with any supplier or customer, through a single integration, making it a “win-win” for both parties in the supply relationship, a key ingredient for true end-to-end visibility attainment.
  • MINT connects to any business system, regardless of version or information exchange protocol, and is designed to meet the needs of a range of partners of any size and digital capability, including those with low digital maturity through an interoperable portal.

MINT is designed to be highly flexible and extensible. For example, companies may start with a simple on-ramp through MINT for Commerce that provides the exchange of POs, Invoices, and ASNs with Contract Manufacturers or Suppliers, and then expand their digital network footprint by layering on new transactions such as inventory, forecasting, demand, production planning, and finance as needs require. “MINT is the industry’s first and only solution for digital information exchange that was built with a true ‘win-win’ value proposition for each customer and all of its trade partners,” said Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO, TraceLink. “Free for a customer’s suppliers and partners, MINT leverages a proven interoperability model that has already processed hundreds of millions of transactions at scale across hundreds of thousands of authenticated supply chain entities.”

This week at the LogiPharma life sciences supply chain conference in Lyon, France, Shabbir Dahod’s plenary session kicks off three days of presentations and meetings with supply chain leaders focused on how MINT will transform how digital business information is exchanged and leveraged by stakeholders across the supply chain. To help marketing authorization holders (MAHs), CMOs, 3PLs, and other supply chain entities get started and quickly realize near-term value, TraceLink is rolling out the MINT for Commerce Customer Launch Program (CLP) at LogiPharma. “The MINT CLP is designed to be a close partnership with digital MAH, CMO, and 3PL pioneers where we will collaborate to deploy, test, refine, and optimize initial digital integrations and data exchanges, including collaborative workshops and innovation forums,” said Amanda Bettman, General Manager, Supply Network Optimization, TraceLink.

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TraceLink is the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry’s leading provider of supply chain digitalization through end-to-end product orchestration on the Opus digital network platform. With more than 290,000 network members, Opus connects people, processes, systems, and enterprises into a collective information network for intelligent business execution. TraceLink serialization, track-and-trace, global compliance, and real-time supply chain collaboration solutions empower customers to Integrate Once, Interoperate with Everyone™, achieve massive scalability, maintain continuous compliance, and ensure supply. TraceLink customers serialize more than one billion units per month across 15,000 connections.

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