• W MEXICO CITY reinforces its commitment to sustainability by becoming one of the first hotels in obtaining different awards thanks to their environmental commitment.

, /PRNewswire/ — An industry as important and big as hospitality, has a significant impact on the environment specially through energy, water consumption and use of consumable goods. With sustainability being a priority on its agenda, W MEXICO CITY keeps implementing new ways to commit to green goals.

As a part of the actual demands, the hotel has recently been granted two awards recognizing the initiatives that have been implemented in order to adhere to a series of protocols that ensure that their practices are truly sustainable including staff participation, environmental management, water and energy saving, cleaning and waste administration; thanks to these activities, Grupo Mundo Ejecutivo awarded W MEXICO CITY as one of the 10 most sustainable companies in Mexico, as well as obtaining the Green Key certification.

These improvements include: the reduction of single-use plastic bottles at the FIT through a water filter that allows to pour and refill; Substitution of the gas heater for a hot tub of high-efficiency heat exchanger; Installation of 69 solar panels; And zero waste cooking techniques, among other common actions as recycling and optimization of machinery.

This was achieved with the support and guidance of the green committee of W MEXICO CITY in alliance with Veolia, having in mind the objective of a complete use of the resources, as well as water saving and energy efficiency. Month to month, Veolia overlooks and certifies the reduction of CO2 emissions that the hotel accomplished.

Nowadays, there are big expectations to make a change in the hotel business, and this global necessity gives the opportunity to create initiatives that will draw the growing sustainable needs to hoteliers and respond by finding eco-friendly activities that translate and transition into big changes, collectively moving into the right direction.

Sustainability is widely regarded as the key to a successful business nowadays, it is becoming a priority concern for the hospitality sector. In W MEXICO CITY, every collaborator takes great pride in their work knowing what they are doing is part of something bigger for them and the future of Mexico.


Mariana Espíritu / Public Relations Executive Sr

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Melissa Aladro

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