Here’s how our press release service works:

  • You upload your press release to our portal, following these guidelines:
    • Title: Keep it under 15 words and include “announces” or “releases.”
    • Intro Paragraph: Answer the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY questions.
    • Content Tone: Maintain a neutral tone and avoid sensationalized adjectives when describing the subject.
    • Word Count: Aim for 350-800 words.
    • Specific formatting guidelines will be available in the submission page for your convenience.
  • We distribute it to 30+ publications. See the full list here.

What You Get:

  • Wide distribution for your press release.
  • A one-time cost for a single press release.
  • A swift process; expect your links within an hour of approval following our guidelines.

Important Notes:

  • ️We do not guarantee SEO results. ️
  • This service is intended for making announcements; therefore, content should focus on the announcement.
  • Formatting and disclaimers are subject to change at any time by our syndication sources. ️
  • Although our releases do not have an expiry date and are intended to remain live indefinitely, syndication sources control the content on their sites and may modify or remove it at their discretion.