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Standard Press Release Distribution

Service Summary

This is a standard press release service. You can upload your press release to our portal and it will be broadcasted on the publications below.

This is a one-time cost for a single press release. Once submitted, we will quickly work to approve your submission. After which, all syndicated links should be accessible within the hour. 

As we work hard to add new publication to our syndicated list, all order submission will be automatically syndicated with our new sources! 



Step 1: Please an order.

Step 2: Upload the Press Release to our portal.

Step 3: We submit changes, where needed and get your final approval.

Step 4: Get Published! 

Press Release Examples

Syndicating Sources

Hexa PR Wire Sample - Grit Daily


Once your press release is approved, all links will be processed within 1 hours (in rare cases 24 hours).