Prohibited Content

Our restricted content includes the following:

  • Incitement of hate or violence: We do not allow any content the incites hate, violence, or releases private information.
  • Personal opinions: we do not cover content that shares personal opinions
  • Defamatory or intent to harm: Any content the incites violence, hatred, bigotry, racism or any kind is not permitted.
  • Sexually-explicit content: We do not cover sexually explicit content.
  • Medical/health/nutritional content: We do not cover information that provides medical or health-based advice, of any kind.
  • Get rich schemes or financial advice: We do not cover content that provides or advises on any sort of financial investments or get rich oppurtunities.
  • Selfpromotional content: We do not cover Selfpromotional content.
  • Unsubstantiated claims: Claims need to be substantiated with proof before dissemination.

Crypto, trading or financial based entities

Entities in the following categories would require additional documentation and proof before disseminating any press releases.

  • Brokerage Firms
  • Financial Advisory Services
  • Wealth Management services
  • Forex Trading
  • Prop Trading
  • Algorithmic trading firms
  • Automated Trading Services
  • High-Frequency trading
  • Quantitative trading firms
  • Commodity traders
  • Copy Trading
  • CFD Trading
  • Agency Trading
  • Market Making
  • Asset Management Firm
  • Equity Traders
  • Fixed Income Trader
  • Commodities Trader
  • Derivatives Trader
  • Private Equity/Alternative Investments
  • Hedge Fund/Fund
  • AI Trading Fund