Press Release Guidelines


  • Keep it under 15 words.
  • Incorporate the words “announces” or “releases.”

Intro Paragraph:

  • Answer the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY questions.

Content Tone:

  • Maintain a neutral and journalistic tone.
  • Avoid sensationalized adjectives when describing the subject.
  • Ensure the content is non-promotional.

Word Count:

  • Target between 350-800 words.

Photo Requirements:

  • Every photo must have a caption.
  • Provide credit for each photo.


  • Each press release should concentrate on the announcement of a product, event, or partnership.
  • Content should remain centered on the core announcement.


  • Proof of claims is necessary when mentioning notable entities.


  • Topics relating to cryptocurrency are subject to additional guidelines (not provided here).