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The Dairy Queen fast-food chain, a staple in the realm of soft-serve ice cream and casual dining, is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Since its inception in 1940, Dairy Queen has evolved into a beloved brand with a global presence, thanks to its array of frozen treats and quick meals. Here, we delve into the rich history of Dairy Queen and its journey under the ownership of Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett since 1998.

Dairy Queen

A Brief Overview of Dairy Queen’s Origins

Dairy Queen, commonly referred to as DQ, began its story in Joliet, Illinois, when John Fremont McCullough and his son Alex teamed up with Sherb Noble to open the first store in 1940. Their innovative soft-serve formula became an instant hit, paving the way for a franchise that would grow to more than 6,800 locations worldwide. The acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway in 1998 marked a new chapter in Dairy Queen’s history, continuing its expansion and success in the fast-food industry.

Expansion and Evolution

From its first store in Illinois, Dairy Queen has seen tremendous growth. The establishment of the Dairy Queen Corporation in 1948 accelerated its franchising, leading to a significant presence both domestically and internationally. Notable milestones include the merger with Orange Julius in 1984 and the subsequent acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway in 1998 for about $585 million. Today, Dairy Queen stands as a prominent player in the fast-food sector, with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Founders and the Formula

The McCulloughs, alongside Sherb Noble, were the visionaries behind Dairy Queen. John Fremont McCullough, a chemist, developed the unique soft-serve formula that distinguished Dairy Queen from other ice cream retailers. This innovation led to the opening of the first Dairy Queen store and the brand’s rapid expansion. Now under Berkshire Hathaway’s stewardship, Dairy Queen continues to innovate while staying true to its roots.

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