Portland, Oregon(Hexa PR Wire–April 20, 2023)–The latest episode of the Moments with Foo/SAB series features a conversation between host James Foo Torres and online video expert Sean Cannell. They discuss how to effectively use YouTube for personal branding and financial growth.

About Guest Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell is the CEO of Think Media and co-founder of Video Influencers. As a YouTuber and international speaker, Sean has established himself as a leading expert in online video. His YouTube channels have garnered over 2 million subscribers and 130 million views. Sean is also the author of a best-selling book on YouTube strategy and has been recognized by Forbes for his contributions to the industry. He has built a successful online video education company, providing valuable knowledge and expertise to others.

About Host James Foo Torres

James Foo Torres, known as Foo, is a Marketing Strategist, Founder & CEO of Imperium Authority, and host of a top global podcast. After serving in the Air Force, Foo started Imperium Authority with the goal of amplifying the positive impact of exceptional leaders across various industries. The company has helped numerous brands and companies grow by leveraging owned, paid, and earned media.

Episode 497: “Moments With Foo”: Sean Cannell on How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Personal Brand and Bank Account

In this episode, Sean Cannell shares his knowledge on YouTube strategy, offering tactics and tips to help individuals succeed on the platform. The conversation focuses on driving leads, customers, sales, impact, and revenue through the effective use of video content. Tune in to learn from an experienced professional in the field.

Podcast Description

Get cutting-edge business news, tips, tricks, and trends from the biggest, brightest, and most innovative people in business. The SAB Podcast takes you around the world to gain different perspectives from industry leaders in all niches. They share their stories, struggles, and wins in business. Tune in today and grab golden nuggets to implement in your life and business.


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