Seattle, Washington(Hexa PR Wire–April 20, 2023)The Michael Peres Podcast is excited to announce an upcoming episode featuring an insightful conversation with Kelly Von Schleis, a renowned fitness and wellness expert, and the founder of LUXEFit. With her extensive experience in promoting healthy lifestyles, Kelly has dedicated herself to helping women cultivate a positive body image, exercise routine, and diet.

About Kelly Von Schleis

Kelly Von Schleis
Kelly Von Schleis

Kelly Von Schleis is a leading fitness and wellness expert specializing in mind/body transformation programs designed to bring a retreat experience into your own home or travel destination. She is the founder and CEO of LUXEFit, a luxury health & fitness company, and creator of the “21-Day HEALTH RETREAT in your Pocket” program. Kelly is also a regular contributor to Oxygen Magazine, Status Fitness Magazine, and Strong Fitness Magazine, sharing her expertise and healthy guilt-free recipes.

About LUXEFit

LUXEFit is a luxury health and fitness company focused on creating mind/body transformation programs that emulate a retreat experience. Their first program, the “21-Day HEALTH RETREAT in your Pocket,” emphasizes mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, and beauty. In addition to these transformative programs, LUXEFit is launching bespoke athleisure wear designed in Italy and luxury fitness equipment for active women on-the-go.

Empowering Women Through Wellness

Kelly Von Schleis is dedicated to helping women find a lasting, healthy relationship with their body image, exercise, and diet. Her personalized coaching programs incorporate energy management, customized fitness programming, and tailored nutrition plans, which have led to life-changing results for her clients.

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